Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A year of growing

This last year has definitely been a crazy one, but one thing I can tell you for sure is that it has helped me realize who I really am.

a year ago I thought that havnig a great job and making good money was priority #1 I know money is the 2nd most important thing next to but it doesnt define a person.....god knows it only took me 25 years to realize this. But I once heard the only way to fail at something was to learn nothing.........

After being diagnosed with Crohn's disease I learned how much I really loved being able to enjoy life and all the awesome things in it. I was working at a great job with excellent pay, benefits, and the ability to advance quickly but I was still not happy every day... I knew sitting at a desk all day was not what I wanted for my whole life. Please do not take this offensive if you work at a desk it's just I know I was not built to work in this type of enviroment.

I took the plunge and left my comfy office and started my own landscaping business. It has been a great experience with ups and down but I have learned that I was meant to be self employed. There are days that get pretty stressful but ultimately I know Im the one who makes the "choices" so it doe not bother me at all. Although landscaping is a great industry and my business is doing good I have also realized that for an outgoing, hyper, energetic person who loves sales marketing etc I need to be in an industry where I am able to communicate with customers on a one to one basis. I guess what I am saying my search is still not over.

As I am in a cold part of the country my business does some snow removal for commercial clients in the winter time but I have decided to scale back the amount of customers I am taking on so that I can also experience more of life and work a little less.

I applied for a part time sales position at a large cellular network and found out that I got the job. The job pays very minimal compared to what I made at my previous job or the hourly rate which I charge my own clients BUT I took the job to have some fun and gain some more sales experience. It feels really good to do something because you want to NOT because you have to. I always use to say to myself " I wish I could have that attitude..." all it took was a degenerative disease to kick my ass into motion and I am thankful for that :)

I constatly hear motivational speakers speaking about the importance of "knowing your OUTCOME" I have finally realized how important this is in every aspect of your life and relationships with other people etc.

My desired outcome in life is to live by the ocean atleast half of the year-some place where life is slow and you take time to enjoy the atmosphere and people around you. Have a beautiful wife and a few rug rats who I love and spend time with as much as I can-family is KEY. I also want to be involved in something that makes a REAL difference ie running my website, youtube videos, podcasts, maybe IBD foundation helping spread the word on larger levels-I will do the craziest things imaginable to promote how myself and others regained our health and got a second chance. I also want to be involved in a business which I love and am challenged with on a daily basis as it feels great when you are a part of greatness especially is that product, service or good will etc changes the lives of others. I think the most important part of my life that I want is to make sure I am always growing and learning as this way things dont get boring and make you enjoy being HERE almost every day!!!! I think the ability to grow is one of the most signifigant human needs. I know I will get there as I really deserve to be happy and have the things I want and on top of that I have the balls to pursue the things which I want. I may fail 10 times in a row but you can bet your ass I will dust myself off and try again.

my two cents and nothing more lol

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