Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Whats Wrong with Modern Medicine?

Watch this DOCTOR talk about what is wrong with our current approach at treating diseases etc. He is simple and to the point and does not complicate the issue. I believe you will get the drift after you watch this video.

My First Post

I am very new at the whole blog game but thought I would give it a try. I think this way it will give me an opportunity to tell other people in rough situations that there is always hope! If even a schmuck like me can regain his health and learn to appreciate my life in ways I never did before, anyone can do the same.

I am far from perfect and many people do not like my positivity almost like it's abnormal to happy and grateful instead of depressed and upset these days. But to tell you the truth I do not give two shits about what the pessimists think. I have had to put up with these types of people my whole life and I have yet to listen to them this far so I will not start anytime soon.

I am just trying to pay it forward and help other people overcome their diseases


Saturday, February 13, 2010


Hey Everyone I received an email from the people over at Food Matters telling me about a sale on this DVD almost half off so I would urge anyone to grab it here  this CD as it is amazing and will blow your mind. I am mentioning this because I believe in this product and I do not receive a single cent from advising people of this sale.

Feel Free to check out my previous post

**Truth be told the main point of this blog entry is to make the effort to watch this DVD I personally do not care how you do it whether you buy a copy online, rent it from blockbuster or whatever works for you..........regardless it is something every person should watch.

Hope everyone is having a kick a$$ day :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Want to live to 100 and BEYOND?

I am a keener on modeling principles as when you follow strategies that other people have used to get certain results the chances you will get the same results are very GOOD. I know for every optimist/realist the are 100 pessimists who try and debunk everything but lets stray away from the crowd and let those people do their thang while we live healthier lives and pay it forward as much as possible. 

This blog Live to 100 and Beyond! shows people who lives past 100, some information on what they do to maintain optimum health etc. If you want to live to 100 and be healthy study health of what these people do or if you want to be like the majority which are dying and living a poor quality of lives at the young age of 60 then keep doing what the rest is doing. It's funny"they" media bla bla bla brainwash us to think we have lived longer and healthier than people before our time.............really who are they?? Go back to the bible my friends when people lived beyond 100 and its ironic that people that still live by these principles are still living very healthy at 100 years of age. We have come to a time when we think its normal or ok to have bad knees, low sex drive, getting fat in old age, diabetes, tight muscles, loss of hair, poor circulation, spending our late 50s in doctors offices and hospital and thinking life is almost over lol We need to stop and ask WHO SAID THIS? and to whos benefit would it be?? Why can't we live healthy lives without ailments or diseases until we move on to the next life or whatever awaits us?? If you are looking for someone to model to live until a 100 then make sure to check out Bernando Lapallo's website this dude knows health and him and his father lives very long lives. Compare Bernando to other centurions and you will see his skin is not old and saggy like most, his mobility is excellent and he has studies health for almost half a decade. Bernandos website

I'm not trying to be a raving lunatic BUT I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!! Its time we take our health back into our own hands, take our minds back from the media, take our food back from corporate controlling giants, and once we again are capable of critical thinking we will change this world faster than you can imagine. It may get worse before it gets better but people are starting to wake up..........only time awaits :)


Monday, February 1, 2010


This book was nothing short of amazing!!! This dude is 107 years old if you check out my previous post you can see a video of him talking about his health etc with raw food guru Paul Nison My previous post

Bernandos approach is a perfect example of how people should use modeling principles to overcome health issues or do anything in life for that matter. This dude listened to his father (lived to 99) making health choices and he is still healthy at 107 years old living a life that most people are at in their early 50s. He does not tell the readers to go out and buy 1000 different products to overcome their health he just goes over the things which have allowed him to live such a great life. I know debunkers will say he has good genes BLA BLA BLA but truthfully this guy just adopted health principles a long time ago and stuck with them!!! This is honestly the BEST book I have ever read! and would recommend that before reading any other book out there GO GET THIS book. Visit his site and Get Bernandos book here   *just a heads up since this book is printed on demand it may take 2-3 weeks to get to you** This guy is not doing this for money but just to pay it forward and share his wisdom nothing more and nothing less.

Also want to Thank Paul Nison for sharing this information with me. **Everyone after reading this book pay it forward and share it with your friends and family.