Thursday, January 8, 2009

Has Even One Disease Actually Been Cured?

I really want you to think about this question and see if you can actually find a disease that has been cured. Smallpox and Polio have been eradicated by the use of vaccinations but the vaccinations did not cure anyone who was initially infected with the disease? It has been almost 30 years since the AIDS pandemic and there is still no cure, Parkinson, Alzheimer’s, Muscular Dystrophy, Crohn’s disease, and many others, even the common cold still has no cure?

I can not personally think of one disease or condition that has actually been cured.

We constantly get caught up in all the causes and foundations which state they are raising money for the search for a cure..? Imagine all the money these foundations, etc raise in order to search for this so called “cure” when you the research you will see that the contribution amounts in the Billions a year, that’s insane. Yet it seems like we have not made any more advancement towards cures in almost any disease. I think if they have been trying so hard and for so long to find cures and they are not getting anywhere it is time to change their approach. If you tried to solve a problem for a few years and you were not getting anywhere do you think you might change your approach? If this money was coming from shareholders of a company they would hold the company accountable for not producing sufficient results and they would not continue to put up the cash on these terms. Yet these foundations, research grants etc get increased every year without yielding any spectacular breakthroughs. We are all so busy in our lives to pay attention to what is really happening right in front of our own eyes…….

Do you not think it is crazy that we can walk on the moon, send a robot to mars, clone animals, move faster than the speed of sound, create telescopes that can see in our houses and through walls, talk on the telephone using radio signals, create cars that can drive on electricity, bombs that can eliminate a nation at the click of a button, create computers once the size of whole warehouses that can now fit in the palm of your hand or your cell phone, the world wide web and the list is endless YET we are unable to cure a disease??

When you look at all of these advancements they all have one thing in common that they are all income producing advancements and their contributions will results in huge revenue injections into businesses, economies etc. Almost every technological problem can be fixed with something that costs more money. Do you really think that any free cure or solution to any problem will be advertised or marketed to people?, where would they get the money to do this? If your thinking it will be then please give your head a shake. There is absolutely NO MONEY in free cures or solutions to any problem so do not hold your breath and wait for them to be advertised. If you are waiting for someone else to cure your disease or condition then you will probably die before surfaces. I do not believe in one time cures but if they were to exist they would not be in the best interest of the pharmaceutical companies. Why would they give you a solution that you would be billed once when they can keep you on meds creating instant residual income which will continue to come in until the day that you die.

Imagine if they told everyone the reason they are sick with all kinds of diseases and conditions is directly related to their lifestyles; taking medications, eating garbage -processed foods, junk foods, over eating, high carbohydrate diets, lack of exercise, inhaling pollutants, lack of physical exercise, not drinking enough good water.. If the people actually realized all of this was true and was directly related to our current health situation and decided to change their lifestyle imagine the consequences to the economy. Eventually the amount of sick people would drop 10 fold which would cause a massive loss of jobs in one of the largest sectors of any countries economy. Consumption of junk food, fast food would drastically decrease and think of some of the many Fortune 500 companies that would go belly up? Any names come to mind? I hope you are starting to see that healthier people do not make people money and would lead economies into a crazy downturn spiral worse than anything we have seen to date. On the other hand these people would have to spend way less on medical expenses and eating garbage they would have more disposable income for travel, housing, education etc.

If you do search for people that have been cured of Cancer, Crohn’s disease, or any disease and you search on the back pages of search results you will find people that have overcome incurable diseases. You will find that they are commonly told that they may have been misdiagnosed or perhaps their test results were incorrect etc pretty much an excuse to rationalize why they are an anomaly for overcoming their given disease. Usually when reading or listening to these people’s stories you will see that they dramatically changed their lifestyles and spontaneous healing began to happen. Obviously if you have a disease and you are taking a pill to suppress symptoms and you stop taking it your symptoms will reappear. You never addressed the underlying cause of the problem but you continued to do the things that caused the condition or disease in the first place so you can’t expect to see sustained results. In any basic math problem if 2+2 is always going to equal 4, but if you change the variables the product will ultimately change. If you have a disease or a condition and you change your lifestyle you can be DAMN sure that your condition will improve. Do not let anyone fool you into thinking that you are stuck feeling crappy because that us BULLSHIT.

Jay-aka CrohnsBoy