Sunday, October 19, 2008


Since I have regained my health from crohn's disease I have been trying to help as many people out as I can via my website, youtube videos and emailing people on forums etc.

I have noticed that when I email people on the forums or message boards I seem to get some pretty negative responses pretty much telling me to shove my natural methods up my ass. I find it so odd that these private message boards always have people telling their stories of all the pain they were or are going through, how bad of a life they have lived etc, RARELY do I see posts of triumph, encouragement, of someone who has beat or managed this life for the majority of their life. Why is this?? If I was a newbie joining one of these groups I must admit I would probably think my life was pretty much over.

When these people respond to me they are very negative saying there is no cure as it is a degenerative disease, or that they have tried everything etc. I do not know everyones situation and perhaps some peoples diseases are very severe BUT I still stand behind my belief that the body is an amazing thing which can do miraculous things. I think that anyone suffering from an IBD will be able to iprove his/her quality of life using some natural methods etc.

I have changed my focus on only contacting the newbies on these sites as they seem to be more open minded in regards to alternative methods. The truth of the matter is that I am not here to convince anyone another method will work, I am simply here to INFORM people about another option which may lead someone to a better life. I provide them with the information and where they take it from there is in their hands.

The majority of people I have been speaking with are people who are seeking another way. These people are the best to deal with because they really want to learn about other ways. They see that I am just trying to help people not go through some of the days I had to endure. For all the people who have contacted me I give you the uttmost respect for searching for another way you deserve a huge pat on the back.

I think this will be a long journey, but I am up for the challenge. Even if I become sick again and I am so depressed, on the can most of the day, my ass will still be on this computer every day trying to help others out as I believe it has become my purpose. I read this quote that said "Life rewards those who contribute on massive levels" Even if it was not true I think it would only be beneficial for anyone to live by similar principles.


  1. You said it Jay. Keep up the good work.

  2. I just found your website!
    Thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts about the SCD-diet! I will ask my 16 year old son to read it! He has been on the diet, strictly, for four months and it seems to work!!!
    Sometimes hard to accept for him that he can´t eat what his friends can. Good to find a person like you to confirm the benefit!
    Thank you!

  3. I think we tend to see a lot of negative comments because once people get better (and they are out there, you're one of them!) people tend to just stay away from any talk of the disease. They don't want to think about it. It's so important those of us with positive experiences help each other out and show that there is hope and health ahead.

  4. Danielle I couldn't agree more :)