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JINI on September-8-09

The next time your doctor suggests you have another colonoscopy done, first take the time to really weigh up the risks versus the possible benefits. Did you know it is impossible to sterilize a colonoscope? Don’t be surprised if even your doctor doesn’t know this. I’ve provided a download link for this full report (below) that you can print out and take in to your doctor – with all the research (from peer-reviewed medical publications) outlined.

So, let’s get started. First of all, this report is going to outline only the most prevalent risks that are present with every colonoscopy. I’m not going to get into rare risks here, like intestinal perforation, just those that may occur through routine procedures.

Regarding possible benefits, the first question you should ask yourself and your doctor is: Will the results of this colonoscopy change the course of treatment? Certainly, there are serious occasions where the best course of action is to have the colonoscopy. But, if your doctor is primarily recommending a colonoscopy as an information-gathering procedure, or as liability protection, then it’s not going to benefit you too much. It may, however, cause a lot of damage and that’s what this report is going to help you assess.

Here’s how a colonoscopy procedure works: First, you have to self-administer a ‘bowel preparation’ procedure. This consists of substances that cause you to completely clear out your bowel and leave the walls of your colon squeaky clean so the fiber optic camera can get a good picture of what’s happening with your mucosal lining and intestinal wall. Understandably, causing a complete clear out of everything from your bowels (usually over a one to three day period) is not pleasant, usually toxic and sometimes painful and traumatic.

Colonoscopies Destroy Bacterial Flora

But the really damaging thing about this kind of a colon cleansing is that it pretty much destroys your bacterial flora and balance of microorganisms in your colon. The average colon contains 3 – 4 pounds of bacteria. If you’re healthy, most of that consists of good, healthy bacteria. So the colonoscopy prep procedure has just stripped your colon of its good, protective bacteria. And guess what? Your colon is now wide open to secondary, or opportunistic infection by pathogenic bacteria, yeast, viruses, parasites, etc.

Into this now highly vulnerable colon, the doctor then inserts a colonoscope. This is a long tube that closely resembles a garden hose with a fiber optic camera on the end of it. But here’s what most people (including your own doctor) don’t know about colonoscopes: It’s impossible to properly or completely sterilize them.

Colonoscopes & Endoscopes Cannot Be Sterilized

It was actually Natasha Trenev (the founder of Natren probiotics) who first alerted me to this whole issue. We were on a TV show together when she told a story of how the Mayo Clinic had sent out letters to all its patients who’d had a colonoscopy – warning them that due to the inability to sterilize the apparatus, the patient might have been exposed to Hepatitis, AIDS, etc. I was aghast. Could this really be true? I began researching mainstream medical and scientific journals for evidence and I’m sure you’ll be as horrified as I was at the results.

But before we get into the technical medical jargon, let’s take a look at this newspaper article from the LA Times, where the reporter covered this exact issue:

UNSTERILE DEVICES PROMPT WARNINGS; Use of dirty endoscopes in colon and throat exams can pass along infections, activists say

- By John M. Glionna. The Los Angeles Times. Feb 13, 2003. pg. B.1

The nation’s leading manufacturer of endoscopes has known for a decade that some scopes contain cavities inaccessible to cleaning by hand but has failed to fix the oversight, said David Lewis, a University of Georgia research microbiologist who has conducted research for the federal Environmental Protection Agency on the issue of dirty endoscopes.

There is wide consensus that it is difficult to sterilize the devices, which can cost $28,000 each, without using temperatures so high that the scopes themselves become damaged. The scopes have numerous cavities that are difficult to clean, even by hand, critics say.

Acknowledged Timothy Ulatowski, an FDA official who oversees endoscope compliance: “When these things were designed, cleaning and sterilization was obviously an afterthought.”

Even the government can’t agree on how long is needed to clean the devices. The FDA says endoscopes should be disinfected for 45 minutes to kill tuberculosis bacteria, but the Centers for Disease Control believes the job can be done in 20 minutes, Lewis says.

He and other microbiologists advocate sterile disposable parts for endoscopes as well as the use of a condom-like sheath for each new patient. But they say manufacturers and health-care providers have resisted such solutions because of added costs.

Lewis says Olympus, which provides 70% of endoscopes on the U.S. market, has long been aware of cleaning problems associated with its product. In a patent filed in 1993, he says, the company wrote that at times “satisfactory cleaning cannot be achieved.”

You can read this newspaper article in full at:

also if you are interested any more about this topic or are curious to learn moe about Jini's protocols and her story you can acess her info here

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I have a mentor who told me to do an excercise that your write your own obituary. I know this may sound weird but he said I should write my life the way I want to live and the way I want to be remembered and that this paper will help me a lot in getting to where I want to be. How can you know where you are going in life unless you know what is really important to you etc. So here is what I wrote and I actually had a lot of fun doing this. So after reading this give it a shot. I know it has nothing to do with my HEALTH blogging but I feel that anyone can benefit from such a thing.

Jay Anthony Baluk 1982-2056

Jay Anthony Baluk passed away suddenly at the age of 74 as he was caught in bed with a beautiful 24 year old swimsuit model by her crazy husband and his wife lol

Jay was born in Winnipeg Canada and was raised in the north end by a single parent mother who tried her best. They never had lots of money but always got by. Although the odds were not in his favor he overcame all the barricades that were put in his path. He used his own fear as a tool to fuel his desire to achieve the things that were most important to him. He always knew he wanted more than he had growing up, wanted a better family life for his family, and wanted a great relationship with his wife. He lived every day to the max as he realized life way to short to hold off on the things he wanted. He was a successful business man and real estate tycoon who always was intrigued by new business opportunities. Jay was an adventurous risk taker and was never scared to put himself out there whether he was; skydiving, bungee jumping, base jumping, swimming in a hurricane, or salsa dancing with his two left feet. He was very passionate about traveling and enjoyed seeing all the beauties of the world, but most of all he loved the white tranquil beaches of the Caribbean. He was a passionate philanthropist who believed strongly that it was important and his duty to give back to the people who need it. Jay owned a very popular website to help people overcome diseases using methods that have worked for many others. Through this site jay helped many people live better lives than they ever imagined. He also showed these people how important it was to pay it forward as it was the right thing to do and it was indeed their responsibility. Jay created a scholarship program for north end students which was not for only people who got the highest marks but for people who beat the odds and did the best with what their situation permitted as he believed you could stimulate this person and they could achieve great things. He also believed that giving is not just about financial contribution but becoming involved at a hands on level. This is why he started a mentor program where he would mentor business students showing them how to achieve what they wanted in life, both financially and in other areas of their life. Most of all Jay was a great father always putting his family and their interests at the front of his priorities. He was involved with them whether it was attending sports practices or dance rehearsals. He had old fashion values in that a family that eats together stays together. Therefore whether his kids knew it then, they were now grateful they spent so much time together and they were closer because of it. He loved his wife more than anything as she was his best friend and partner in crime meaning they always did adventurous things together. I'm surprised she put up with him all these years, but the truth is that they complimented one another greatly. Jay was a person who came from nothing and achieved great things in all areas of his life. He was the type of person who inspired you and got you excited about taking a chance. A person who was the life of the party always giving you a laugh, but was also there to listen when you needed someone to talk to. He was a person that thought what he could do for you before he thought what you could do for him. A person who through his life has exemplified that life is way too short and it is up to you what you do with it. Jay is a person that will always be remembered for being a goofball and always trying to bring smiles to others. Wherever he is I know he is having a blast and making the best of his situation.