Thursday, October 23, 2008

Salsa Lesson

So I started doing salsa lessons and to be quite honest they are lots of fun. At first I thought that salsa dancing was pretty gay, or maybe that was me just being a guy or an automated response for something which I was probably just a little scared to do (thats prob it). I think we are usually scared to try things that we think we are not going to be good at because it would leave us being vulnerable to embarassement etc.

For me I screw up a lot lol and the the girl I attend these classes with (a good friend) is an awesome dancer so trying to keep up with her is pretty insane lol she usually makes me look good regardless so I can't complain. But I have learned that it really is okay to try things, get embarassed, put yourself out there and be a little vulnerable as the truth is that the process is almost always a little stressful...or atleast if you allow yourself to percieve it in that sense. Now I do not care as I just keep telling myself go through the embarassement with laughts etc but ultimately I will become AWESOME at whatever I practice at. Keeping this thought in my head has allowed me to try lots of new things over the last few years or so.

I remember hearing this one speaker say the people who are most sucessful in life are usually the people who have failed the most. There is some truth to this, take Babe Ruth into consideration and the dude is on the all time home run list, yet he struck out more than anyone??? In baseball the guys that strike out 7/10 times are considered really good Go figure?? So I'm thinking if I try something 10 times I can atleast prob make good results 3 times..right?? Also instead of thinking why I shouldn't do something I started asking myself what am I going to miss out if I dont take this chance or try something new etc?

I know many people that know me may think that I have never been insecure or scared to take risks etc, but the truth is that I was at one point in my life. I read and interacted with people who were not scared to take risks and that were confident in themselves etc and eventually it wore off on me. Only then did I realize all the stuff that I had missed out because of my own self constructed insecurities. I just want people to know that you dont have to be born confident, you simply can create it :)

I tell you sign up to go skydiving just 1 time, I can tell you after you touch the ground you most likely wont be scared to do anything in your life again. I'm not shitting you :)

I dare ya to try it...let me know how it goes...what's the worst that can happen SPLAT?

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  1. If we can give up ice cream, bread and candy - forever - we can certainly try to toss away these insecurities!

    la la la la bumba. (Is that salsa?)