Tuesday, June 16, 2009


If you follow my BLOG you can see that I wrote about THC the first time in March 2009 and you can review that post using this link after watching the video on and speaking with Rick Simpson personally I decided I would try this oil for myself I was able to track some of this oil and have done 2 tubes of this stuff since March and WOW!!! Initially when I started taking the stuff it made me super tired and high as a kite which I am not really a fan of being baked as I get a crazy body high and I am unable to function. I changed the time I took the oil to 1 hr before bedtime and when I woke up I felt no high effects except maybe an hour or so of cloudiness if I slept less than 8 hours. I could feel crazy changes going on in my body they felt weird but not bad by any means. This oil makes your body sleep so that you can rest and I think it makes your body return to a homeostasis state. It is now June 17, 2009 and I have been eating almost anything I want for the last 2 months with no issues. If you read below you will see that initially I binged a little too much and noticed I felt tired and a little crappy but no flares etc so I have been eating a healthy diet of mostly organic during the week then treating myself on weekends as life is too short to not enjoy some of the better things in life yes burgers, dairy free gelatti, French fries, some fresh bread etc. All the other stuff I have been doing has helped me so much meaning I was med free and virtually symptom free but as soon as I strayed away from SCD for a few days I seemed to get really sick again which showed me that I was only managing the disease and that is no longer the case as I am able to eat what I want. Please also make sure to download my IBD improvement document as it will show you all the stuff which I have done to overcome this disease and things that I believe will allow me to live a healthy life without Crohns/Colitis screwing it up for me.

For most people this will be out of your comfort box due to the legal issues etc but I will tell you from the bottom of my heart this stuff really works and I urge anyone to at least watch the video mentioned on Rick Simpson’s website and weigh out the pros and cons. Also ask yourself why would this guy do all this work to spread the word about this stuff and he has no ads on his site or anything that produces income. He only wants to inform people there is a cure for many disease and wants to educate people how to make their own medicine. Whether it be cancer, tumor, or Crohn’s disease I believe in my heart that this stuff can be the answer you are looking for. I have done a few tubes of this stuff and it has changed my life.

DON’T SCREW UP YOUR SECOND CHANCE-I know most people will be like I was when they overcome this disease……….thinking I can’t wait to return to a “normal” diet again I was one of those people but I will tell you know people WAKE UP and think twice!!!!! I made the mistake of binging the first few weeks I was able to eat almost any food I chose and I started to feel crappy again so I changed my approach. During the week Monday-Friday (evng) I try to only consume organic fruits, vegetables, and small quantities of meat, I do have the odd cheat during the week but try to eat as healthy as possible. When the weekend comes I enjoy it and have cheats in moderation such as hamburger, toast, cookies, dairy free gelatti etc almost everything besides milk products, yes alcohol but not excessive amounts. I can tell you once you get sick and almost all foods upset you when you are finally able to eat some of those foods again they will taste better than you can imagine. Life is way too short to keep yourself from the good tasting things all the time……….at least that is my opinion. The truth is we are all looking for the same result (overcome our IBD’s and get our life back) so lets think outside the box and try something different rather than operations and drugs that hurt us more than help us.



  1. A 1990 letter in the "Annals of internal medicine" agrees with you:) pointing to a case study of a woman who's symptoms stopped with marijuana usage.

  2. As does the National Institute of Health (in the US).

    "Cannabinoids cool the intestine"


  3. Also the Journal of Molecular Medicine:

    "Endocannabinoids, just a gut feeling"

  4. And published in the British Journal Gut this April:

    Recent advances in basic science
    Emerging role of cannabinoids in gastrointestinal and liver diseases: basic and clinical aspects

    A multitude of physiological effects and putative pathophysiological roles have been proposed for the endogenous cannabinoid system in the gastrointestinal tract, liver and pancreas. These range from effects on epithelial growth and regeneration, immune function, motor function, appetite control, fibrogenesis and secretion. Cannabinoids have the potential for therapeutic application in gut and liver diseases. Two exciting therapeutic applications in the area of reversing hepatic fibrosis as well as antineoplastic effects may have a significant impact in these diseases. This review critically appraises the experimental and clinical evidence supporting the clinical application of cannabinoid receptor-based drugs in gastrointestinal, liver and pancreatic diseases. Application of modern pharmacological principles will most probably expand the selective modulation of the cannabinoid system peripherally in humans. We anticipate that, in addition to the approval in several countries of the CB1 antagonist, rimonabant, for the treatment of obesity and associated metabolic dysfunctions, other cannabinoid modulators are likely to have an impact on human disease in the future, including hepatic fibrosis and neoplasia.

  5. Good that you tried it and it actually did you some good.

  6. Way to kick Crohn's ass dude. Rock on.

    I don't usually talk that way, but its fun to get into the spirit of things.

    Anyways, this is interesting. I bet a little medically approved THC is not a bad thing as long as its not taken via the lungs. Cheaper than mesalamine anyways. The insurance companies will enjoy the cheapness of it.