Monday, May 25, 2009

Enzymes WORK

For the past few weeks I have been taking full spectrum digestive aid enzymes from AVENA and they have helped me greatly. When I was first starting my so called healing journey I was very confused by the enzyme discussions as they always seemed to contradict each other. With sooo much information thrown at you especially on the net it is so hard to determine which source is giving your correct information. I think it is important to think realistically! Look at some of the healthiest people you meet and see what they do? I am a blunt guy and I tell people what works for me based on other people’s advice. I will be the first to admit that I make so many mistakes…….but I only publish the stuff that has worked for me and other people. If you think about it the most successful people in almost all aspects of life are people who have mode the MOST mistakes but learn from them and continue on…really think about it?

There is a gynecologist who works out at my gym and he is almost 60 and the dude looks like he is 35, no lies. His skin looks so healthy, has a full head of hair, seems to have lots of energy, muscular build, and looks like he is overall very healthy. When it comes to health I prefer to take advise which comes from someone is leads by example or is evident they practice their preach. I started asking the guy some of the things he does to remain healthy and he told me the enzymes were one of the main things. This doctor told me that he was believed very passionately in the medical system until he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and he was given a few months to live according to the medical system and that left him depressed. He started to research other alternatives and he found a zapper or some sort and was able to get rid of the tumor and is still alive to this day. That is when he started believing in other health alternatives, lifestyle/diet changes etc and he is a living example of how any person would want to look and feel at almost 60 years of age.

I have wondered off topic so here is the Low Down on my Enzyme experience and research etc.
I will be upfront from the beginning when saying I now believe enzymes are crucial and very much needed in today modern society. Most of the fruit and vegetables we consume from the grocery store or organic market are usually almost 7-10 days old or more. (from the time they were packaged until someone purchased them) Enzymes die within a few days of being harvested which means that most the enzymes will be dead long before we consume them. You also kill all enzymes when you heat food above 48 Celsius so most of the food you are consuming is enzyme deficient. Enzymes are important because they help your body break down the food and digest it and without it much of your food will go undigested. Anyone with an IBD will know that the food that gets undigested feeds that bad bacteria in the gut NOT GOOD! Do your own research and you will see, but more importantly look for health people and see what they do. Also consider reading a book called “The Enzyme Factor” by Hiromi Shinya a Japanese doctor MD who is the man who created the colonoscopy and has done and supervised over 200,000 procedures. This guy knows what a healthy person’s colon looks like compared to an unhealthy person, he also states that all unhealthy people suffering from diseases and other illnesses almost always have unhealthy colons……what a coincidence YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! He also speaks about diet and the importance of enzymes in the body so give the book a read if you get a chance.

I started the enzymes like 3 weeks ago and I have noticed some great things! I have noticed after meals I am noticing almost no gas or bloating, bowel movements are well formed with no undigested food particles like before use of the enzymes. More energy noticed as stomach using less effort to digest the food. They have made me feel very good and I believe passionately that these things will improve your digestion. Even if you eat all organic or garden grown fruits and vegetables you have to take some things into consideration; where are the vegetables from geographically? If more than a few days the enzymes will most likely be dead, if the soil is deficient and this is USUALLY the case then the fruits and vegetable will also be deficient in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, if you cook your food like most the people in North America you are killing the enzymes so another reason to consider taking them.

I have been taking a full spectrum enzyme made by Avena which were recommended to me by the doctor I mentioned early so I can only comment on the enzymes I have tried as I am unfamiliar with the other brands. If you ask a Millionaire how to get rich and he tells you his so called recipe and which ingredients to use Im sure most people will try to use the exact ingredients to get the exact result. This product has worked great for me and I would encourage anyone to give it a try.

One thing that does suck about starting these health products, vitamins, eating organic foods etc is that it sure can get expensive. I have realized that we as a society are always willing to drop cash on expensive materialistic items such as new cars, flat panel televisions, nice cars, houses, expensive trips to Vegas and the Caribbean- Yet we cheap it out on our health!!!! We are always looking to buy the cheapest food, cheapest vitamins as it seems like we have our priorities BackWArds!!! How can we enjoy all of those materialistic items if we are dead?? It is not a coincidence that in the last 50 years more people have died from cancer and other diseases than ever before, we need to change it up. The truth or cure to most of these diseases and illnesses is to Change our lifestyles and we will get our health back.

I know of all of this first hand as I was the guy who cared more about materialistic items than I did about my health, also the guy who abused his body regularly by consuming large quantities of alcohol, doing drugs, and eating fast food almost every day I was the perfect candidate for Crohn’s disease or any disease as a matter of fact. I created my site and the blog to help some other people learn from my mistakes and to help other get their health back so they can do great things and pay it forward.

here is a link directly to the products which I buy and I do not make any comission of any of these sales strictly referral only.
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  1. I can't seem to find those on the web page you mentioned. How about a direct link?

  2. I just changed the post to now include the direct link. Sorry about that sometimes I dont know my head from my butt :) .

  3. Nice article I enjoyed it while reading. I also know some aged people who looks less than their age. I always ask about their diet and found that healthy diet can make you fit for whole life.