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Monday, November 9, 2009

Vitamin D3 Help with Crohns??

Hi everyone I spoke with this guy named Mike who has taken higher doses of Vitamin D3and he said it has drastically improved his health drastically. I would like to hear from anyone who decides to try this out. I would also suggest you watch this video as this doctor does a great job at talking about Vitamin D and somethings you should do when taking it etc. If you guys have any questions for Mike his email is below so feel free to drop him a line.

Hi, its Mike from Nevada I want to say I was so sick from Crohns for almost 20 years, bleeding, couldn't leave the house because it was so bad. I read somewhere Vitamin D3 mighthelp, so I startedtaking it at 2000 iu a day then to 10000 iu a day. Its been about 3weeks now and everythingstopped, I feel better than I did as a kid. If you do take the higherdoses of D3 many doctors sayyou must check your blood levels so you don't overdose. Give It ashot its under 5 bucks at most anygrocery store and let me know.


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