Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hawaii trip and flare! Lol

I decided I was going to visit someone who has assisted me in my healing path. I came to kona for 8 days and I'm waiting to board the plane to come back home so I thought I would make and entry talking about my stay.

When I first got to kona I was amazed how beautiful it was! I have never seen a place so colorful in my entire life, it is almost sureal. I came here to learn some stuff about healing from an scd mentor and boy did I ever. The first day I was here I woke up at 4am and went to meet my frient morts doctor who is a professional chelator. Chelation is a process which the hook you up to an IV and put a chemical agent into your body along with vitamins etc the purpose of the process is to pull out toxins, and metals from many enviromental factors such as led, mercury, and other things that are in your body and tissues. My first treatment went pretty good. I noticed that my circulation had improved quite a bit and my mind felt very clear. After chelation we drove back to my friends orchard and picked some oranges and work around the house. I got to drive a tractor and learn how to pick fresh oranges from the trees actually pretty tricky, I learned a lot.

Since being in hawaii I was eating a lot more scd foods that I normally don't eat such as beans, oranges, scd legal wine, cabbage, mangos, passion fruit, etc. Usually I do not have an extensive diet because I am so busy I keep it simple. I was amazed to see how well mort ate! Our dinners were like 4 courses and were amazing! I never imagined scd could be made so delicious, my mistake. Mort told me that if he has to do scd he has to make excellent tasting food until he is cured and he sure knows how to!

On the second day there I ate a lot of fruit, multiple oranges, papaya, tangelo, and I noticed midway through the day that my stomach began to get really bloated and towards the end of the night felt like it was going to explode. After taking a hot bath I was able to sleep for a few hours. When I woke up in the morning I began to have multiple bm's about 4-5 all formed lol I still had the solid belly and was experiencing quite a bit of pain so the clearing of my bowel confirmed that I was indeed having a flare. When I realized this it pissed me off a lot! I was thinking to myself I came this far and I just screwed it all up, I was just over thinking the worst. Over the next 2 days I continued to have stomach pains but not quite as severe as the initial day. I also had been unable to goto the can for a full 2 days and felt like garbage! But not be a total downer I seen that I was improving day by day. I had slept almost 2 days all day each day lol never slept so much in my life. By the 3rd day I was thinking a little clearer and started thinking that this may have been a flare but there was something very different about this case to how I felt when I had bad crohns flares.

Usual flare- excessive painful, mucus/blood filled bowel movements 10+ a day easy, bad Night sweats, intense bloating, quite a bit of mucus, lots of urgence, very dehydrated-dry mouth and all, lots of pain even in stomach could barely walk, atleast a week of feeling like complete shit consistently.

This flare- minimal bm, d about 2 times a day after 3rd day, intense bloating was main issue! Some tenderness in stomach.

When I started plotting this info out it seemed that maybe this wasn't a typical flare and that it may even be a detox reaction to the chelation and the new vitamins and minerals I was experimenting with. It is hard to be specific or speculate but I have to try. I learned one thing which I tell everyone else to do but failed to take my own advice! Take new things slow! I was a fool for this and that I admit.

Regardless I knew this time was different! I am not quite sure what happened but I'm sure in 30 days or so I will prob have a better explanation.

As of right now I feel a lot better than I did 6 days ago lol stomach is feeling better and I believe it is now time to repair any damage that may have been done. Symptoms are pretty much tender intestines, a few UF bms daily, nothing crazy. Nobody said all this healing stuff was going to be easy lol sometimes natural healing can take you back a few steps before taking you forward but ultimately I am on the road to completely overcome this and inform as many people as I can. Anyone reading this do not let minor setbacks stress you out too much- I know easier said than done but believe me it is very common to have setbacks during this process so don't give up!

Also I learned something else that I think is important for anyone to hear. I think most people who are on scd think they are sacraficing so much and may at sometimes even resent the diet, atleast I may have felt this once or twice...... Lol we are always thinking about a time when we will be able to get off the diet like we are in some rush or something. After staying at morts house I experienced how this diet could be so awesome you could care less if you were on the diet for life! Healthy, no meds and awesome food I can hack that! Our food consisted of fresh fruits, excellent omelletes, scd legal tacos, cooked cabbage, pumkin, scd candy- nuts, honey etc, other baked goods that we're just excellent. For me the foods were amazing and delicious! I could easily stay on the diet for my whole life if that was the verdict. I am very confident that I will advance to a new diet in the next few years

I will be back with an update in about 1 month! Stay tuned ;)


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  1. Do not be fooled into thinking that your flare was all of the toxins leaving your body. More than likely your body was having a negative reaction to those man made chemicals that they injected into you. I can't believe someone that is so concerned with healing naturally would go through a procedure like this that is not FDA approved, nor backed with scientific evidence. The SCD is one thing, it's not potentially damaging, it's a healthy way of eating. But to pump a chemical into your body that you don't know anything about?? That's absurd.

  2. I give to shits what is approved by FDA lol if you read my site you will realize that. The people I know and trust have had chelation and that is good enough for me my friend. I do not need a 3rd party agency to tell me what is ok or not. I have tried other things such as starting new probiotics which caused a similar die off affect which left me go the can like 5 times a day for a week but after it was all over I felt AWESOME!! so anyone reading this persons previous comment I can offer you this advice; follow what you believe to be right for you; listen to your gut; only you really know your own body. What I can tell you is that sometimes this natural path of healing takes you a few steps ahead and a few steps back so it can be confusing at times but whenever I seen it all the way through I have felt better in the long run. I have chosen to be a guinea pig to try some things so that I can tell other people how they work etc, really someone has to do it. I am aware of the risks and you do not hear me complaining or singing a song to anyone.

    Have a kick ass day!


  3. Hi there, I'm a 36 yr old female with uc/crohns since the age of 19. We know our body and your right, I don't think you had a flare up when you went to Hawaii...if you google "papaya, laxative" you will see that the fruit is a laxative and considering that our intestines are more sensative than most people, what you were feeling were probably just cramps. My parents were born in Mexico and papaya is a very popular fruit down there, therefore, they introduced me to the benefits of papaya. I'm glad your doing so much research, good luck and don't let anyone bring you down. Virginia