Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Todays Doctors Appointment

I totally forgot that I had a doctors (GI) appointment until yesterday when I got a reminder phone call. I thought to myself really why do I have to go see this doctor as what is he going to tell me? what does he have to offer me? Then I started to think maybe I should go tell him my story of how I regained my health back and that maybe he would tell other patients about my sucess.......Boy was I wrong!!!!

I got to the office and he did not really remember me and he spent like 10 minutes reading my file to remember what the scoop was with me. He then asked me questions about my symptoms etc like did I have blood or mucus in my stool? how many BM's per day etc. I answered his questions and told him I was doing awesome.

He then asked me since I wasn't taking any drugs what was I doing to stay healthy etc? So I told him all the stuff I was doing after I was finished he told me that although I may not feel symptoms it was very evident from my previous colonscopy, mri, etc that I had active crohn's disease and that I should consider taking medication and his 1st recommendation would be Immuran..........Are you kidding me is what I am thinking in my head. After telling him my story and telling him how awesome I was doing he still suggested medication like WTF?

I was a little frustrated with his response but I honestly was not expecting anything different. I asked him if he would ever tell any of his other patients about me and the stuff I have done to get healthy and he said NO. I then proceeded to ask him if he was religous. He was offended by this comment and believed it had no relevance to the situation at all, and perhaps he may have been right. I then told him let say he was religous (I asked him that if he was to die and he was speaking with God could he honestly say that he did as much possible to help his patients regain their health and overcome their health) Needless to say I did not get much of an answer. Although I do get frustrated with the doctors and the medical system I know they are just acting within the scope of their position. Even like my doctor said today I am not educated on alternative treatments so I can't refer people to these methods. He stated if his patients wanted to seek out a NP doctors opinion they would be welcome to, he sounded honest on this note.

I guess the sad truth our system is set up in such a way that almost every person will goto their doctor 1st. They are not willing to seek alternative methods until their disease is out of control when really the order should be reversed. This also really enforced the fact that we really have to get the word out there on all alternative treatments that may help a person regain their life from an IBD.

With all this said I don't think placing blame will get us anywhere. It is the solution we must focus on.............


  1. Nah, no need to place blame..but wouldn't it just be great, once you become the official poster boy for the success of the SCD, if you just told your doctor to shove it up his bum?

  2. Good effort Jay, I did laugh at the bit where you suddenly went down the religion route. I imagine he wasn't expecting that! I've got my annual catch up in early Jan. I'm looking forward to extolling the virtues of the SCD to him and i'm expecting pretty much the same response. I am planning on asking him if there happens to be a gastro who actually believes that diet could make a difference and see if I can transfer to them. I'm not actually expecting this to happen of course!

  3. poster boy eh :) well I am definitely an advocate of SCD but I believe there are many things outside of SCD that must be done inorder to regain your health as well. I guess you can say I am very open minded. I told him there would be no need for another appointment so that was polite way of saying go shove it :)

    *the religon thing was funny his face looked really suprised mwuahh. I think you may be able to find such a gastro just mike take some time to find one. SCDHorse you should really try to read the book called the Enzyme factor by Dr Shinya its awesome!!!

  4. I just went through something similar regarding my son who has an enzyme deficiency-- I started doing things on my own and used digestive support supplements, the great info about the SCD and other things and now my son is doing much better than other kids with his disorder. Please take a look at my blog "A Place to Start..."-- as I have posted some information there that may be of help to you.

  5. I am loving this Blog and can't find "A Place to Start" blog. I am a Mom whose daughter was just diagnosed with CD. She is asymptomatic b/c we've done so many of the things we were supposed to be doing re: her diet etc... w/o even knowing the "diagnosis." But, of course, her MD wants to put her on Budesonide.

  6. I have changed my blog "A Place to Start" to Apparently the format of my blog appeared as if I was an official site and so I changed the name to make it clear I am just a mom sharing what I learn along the way:) I hope you can find it, and please post a comment there to let me know you did!