Thursday, December 11, 2008


In the last few months through research and speaking with people who are healed of their IBD's I have really started to understand that in order to fully heal yourself from any disease not just IBD you have to change your lifestyle as a whole. Changing something like your diet is a great start. You must also change things in your lifestyle such as working out, walking, yoga, breathing excercises, reducing pollutants & stressors, drinking lots of water, coming to terms with your emotional baggage, resolving relationship issues, discuss stress in your life with someone, focus on solutions rather than problems, living your life the way you really want to, having fun, wondering off the beaten path, always growing-achieving new things, and really feeling happy spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically all that bla bla bla. When it comes down to it if you live your life doing the things that really make you happy any minimal sacrafice will not even affect you. Most of the time we are unhappy with our lives so these sacrafices such a eliminating certain foods in a diet are so hard because they are the only things we have the actually change our emotional state very quickly...think about it-over eating, smoking, drinking excessively..there are lots of examples. If we were overall happy with our lives and the things in it there would be no need to have to find destructive ways to change out emotional states.

as usual I got talking about something which did not totally relate to the title of my blog post lol I decided to try out acupunture today and it was pretty freckin cool! My crohn's symptoms are very minimal so this was not an urgent matter. I believe that our healing process is a life long sorta thing so I try to do a many things as I am able to do and that my wallet is able to facilitate lol. The Dr was a chinese doctor who did his training in China and has only lived here for about 10 years so I was very confident that his methods were not a knock off or some person who's motives are merely financial. I had to take my pants off and my socks and then he began to stick all these little needs in my legs, hands, and on my stomach. I thought this process was going to hurt but it did not hurt at all, actually felt sorta cool. I think it is important that any person who goes for one of these alternative treatments to make sure they believe the treatment will benefit them and aid in their healing process. Too many times we spend more time trying to discredit someone or a process it we do not see immediate results and this will get us nowhere. The session lasted about 30-40 min and I felt really good after I left. I did not feel CURED lol as I think these things take time so I have decided to go another 5 times over the next month and see how it works out. After I am done the next 5 treatments I will make sure to write a follow up entry so everyone can see what my results were etc.

Hope everyone is having a kick ass day and as usual thanks for tuning in.


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